What bit to use?

Has anyone tried engraving pe/eva foam? Specifically the material is seadek for boat helm pads and cooler pads. I’m trying to completely cut out logos/letters/designs and then layer with a different color material to stand out. Just curious on what bit would be the best? Thanks y’all!

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Eva is often used in Larp and Cosplay. You can find lots of tutorials on cutting eva in those communities.

The issue I’d expect to see is work holding due to the flexible nature of the material.

From what ive seen, the parts your recencing would typical be cut with a die cutter using a press, not through subtractive milling.

Unless the foam you’re working with is more dense than what typical eva is, it wont generate chips, and the chips are used to extract heat…the bit will get hot, and dull. Making poor cuts and then the hot,dull bit will melt the foam. :man_shrugging: