What bits for a newbie?

New to the X-Carve. In fact it’s my first of its kind. What bits should I look for as a beginner?

Important every day use bits for me.
1/8 downcut
60° V bit
1/16 upcut inventables
Inventables 1/8 straight for cutting out designs
Bosch. 750 straight bit (for surfacing)

I also own but don’t use as much
90 30 and 15 degree V bits
1" & 1.25" surfacing bits
1/4 2 flute downcut

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Its all depending on what you want to do first. In addition to what Jannette said, I’d say look for carbide. Their edge will last alot longer and will give a cleaner cut. Depending on the material you want to cut… wood is new to me also so I can only attest to what cutters worked for cutting pine and red oak
two flute 1/32, 1/16 and 1/8 carbide upcut end mills, one flute 1/8" carbide roughing end mill
1/4" 4 flute center cut carbide end mill

The most important thing to remember is make sure your piece is clamped down good, your safety glasses are on, and your machine has been homed. When a carbide bit snaps, it shatters like glass with all the nasty shards.

It really depends on what you are making. I don’t engrave, so my go to bits are straight and ball nose bits. Whiteside is my preferred vendor. 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 1/2 straight are my most used along with a 1/2" D roundnose.