What bits should I buy

I`m just about to order a Xcarve 1000 and I am wondering what bits I should order with it.
I want to make screens like this in 3/6mm MDF

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I would start off with cheap bits from Amazon or ebay. When you get dialed in the Whiteside 1/8" downcut is great for mdf.

Thanks Chris. I had a look on Amazon.uk and it seems most of the bits are shipped from the US . I`ll check out e bay later and set up my Paypal again. Any good sellers you would recommend?

Checkout Drillman1: https://www.ebay.com/sch/drillman1/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=

He has great prices on good quality bits!

Wow . Thank you Rob . They look the job. There os not many places here in Ireland. I was just looking up this site in the UK but they look very expensive


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I have bought a load of bits from Cutwel in the UK. They have a live chat on their website where you can ask questions about bits, or see what they suggest for a given task. They also tend to have good offers on every month

Cheers,thanks for that. Just hsd a quick look there. Going to have a good browse after work. Is that where you buy yours?

drillman1 on ebay is excellent. But to start off with get some cheap bits from China, about 2 weeks for delivery to the US but it’s alot better to break a $1.50 bit that a $15.00 bit and trust me you will break bits when you first start!

Thats what I was thinking. I was was going to buy thr starter kit from Robosavvy for 75euros but I just know I 'm going to break them in one go the first time I use them . I just sorted my paypal so going to order a few cheap bits in the next day or 2. The x carve will be back in stock in about 2 weeks so I should have the bits well before that

Yeah the last 20 bits or so I’ve bought came from there. I’ve bought a few cheapies off eBay (mainly 1mm windmills and some small vbits), but they are usually only a few pounds for 5-10 so it’s worth a gamble.

I have nearly placed an order off Drillman a few times but with vat, and import charges it makes the price pretty even with stuff from the uk

I never thought about the VAT and import charges on small items like that.

The thoughts of the vat and delivery charges on the X Carve alone are killing me. It`s over €500+ before I even pay or the machine:frowning:

I was thinking about splashing out the extra few euros and getting this instead


You can order an xcarve from Robosavvy in the UK

That’s where I got mine, although that other machine looks pretty decent at a glance

That`s where I was buying the X carve but they still hit me for the vat and delivery. If I could get somebody with their own business and vat number I could get away with it lol

Hi guys,
Would these bits be any use to me for the DeWalt26200

Hi Angus, yes I ordered the precision collet set with the xc.will that do?

Thanks for that Angus. I didn’t realize the .35 would make the difference…I’ll have to check the collet when I get the router. Its a 1/4" router. We got a new range of stock in the place I work and seen these too

I just thought they would be handy to have but as you said that I might hold back and wait till I get the router. Thanks again.