What bits to use?

Is there a good video on this?

It depends what you are trying to make.

We don’t have one yet that goes through each bit but we should make one.

Do you have a specific project or are you wondering in general?

This has some good info:

Thank you Erik. I also just found very good explanations of different bits at Vortex tool cnc router bits. HERE IS A QUESTION. Are Carbide router bits Ok to use in cnc machines or do they have to be cnc router bits.

Within reason, any router bit bit will work.

Ideally, you want to have bits that are designed for cutting the material that you’re working with. If you go to a site like Tools Today, you’ll see they have bits for cutting woods, plastics, foams, ceramics, fibres , metals and so on.
In practice, you’ll only need a few bits that you can use for multiple tasks…

  • Spiral ‘downcut’ bit - cuts with downward pressure on the work edge, leaving cleaner edges to your cuts
  • Spiral ‘uncut’ bit - rapidly clears the swarf (debris) out of he cut allowing for deeper cuts at higher speeds
  • Two-flute or Single-flute straight bits - nice general bit, can work well on plastics
  • 90 or 60 V bits for carving letters, sharp edged designs and sharp edged inlays (look up V Carving and Vinlay)

Don’t get too hung up on having the “proper” bit for everything. You’ll find you can get by with just a few favourites. Learning to use a few bits really well, will be better than having a vast selection of bits and using them all poorly,

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