What bolts to use in sideboard bracket mounts? X-carve 2.0

Can someone please let me know what bolts I need to use to attach the sideboard to the X-carve frame. The instructions say to use the M5x8 bolts to build the sideboard frame with the triangle aluminum brackets. It then tells you to mount the sideboard with preassembly nuts and M5x10 bolts. You are then left with M5x12 or M5x14 bolts to secure the frame of the sideboard to the frame of the x-carve with three brackets including the drag chain mount. These bolts are too long for these mounts and do not tighten all the way with the preassembly nuts being so shallow. It looks like I need 10 of these bolts to mount it up. Can anyone tell me what size bolt they used? It is under the sideboard assembly directions if you need a reference. The machine is a 1000mm. Thanks!

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