What button head screw size do I use?

Hi, I’m in the process of assembling the X Carve 1000mm. During the Bosch mounting plate step it says to use button head cap screws M5x16 (25286-45) to attach the plate to the derlin nut. Now I know this under the Dewalt 611 spindle and mount directions, and I do not have the 2 M5x16. My question is what should I use?

are they missing out of the bag and did not come with the x-carve?

do you have a local home center that you can get replacements at?

Yeah they did not come in the contents. I’m thinking they would of came if I was mounting the Dewalt 611. I opted for the Bosch spindle mount.

Have you checked this out?

I am not sure you can use that mount on the x-carve without modification

Yeah no help as far as screw size and length.

so you have the bosch mount and then what mount do you have that holds the v-wheels ?

do you have this?

I have the plate that came with the mount. You would think the button head screws would be with it but they are not.

Yes that is the plate.

because to attach the delrin nut to that you need M5x0.8 probably 16mm long bolts

I am sure that it uses the same as the dewalt mount

if you dont have some I would say you probably have to go out and get some for using that spindle plate and bosch spindle mount

That’s what I was thinking. If you look under the welcome section you see it on the inventory list for the 611. But not under the Bosch.

yeah so just go off of the thread size in the delrin nut and the depth its tapped to find your bolt size

if you are still in the assembly stage I would grab a bolt for something else and try it and then once you have one that works you will probably have to go buy one

or contact inventables and see if it was supposed to be supplied with your machine if it was then they will send one out right away

I would of thought that they came with it to lol werid

Thank you Work in Woods for your help.

hey not a problem man glad to help

WorkinWoods darn auto correct

lol it confuses everyone

a name change is in order !!

Just a heads up. I went and purchased 2 M5x16 button head screws and theyended up being to long. I’m thinking the Dewalt mounting plate is thicker then the Bosch mounting plate. i hope this helps some others out.