What can I do with a large CNC?

Same here if that spindle is 1.5 - 2kw that will make a nice machine for someone.

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I can find somewhere to put it but don’t think my wife would like her car setting out. :roll_eyes:

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Interesting to see a machine that big driven by belts.

@WayneHall Just make sure you start it and get warmed up, cleared of snow, and scraped. That’s where I am.


We bought it from our neighbor, so I am not the one that built it. Not sure why he used belts.

Because they’re a LOT cheaper than it would’ve been to use anything else. Typically, a machine that big would run a rack and pinion for X and Y and a ballscrew on the Z.

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Thanks for the help and input. It SOLD.

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Congrats! That’ll free up some space.

Yes, It sure will!