What (cheap) Laser to use?

Hi guys!

I know there are some topics about lasers, but I couldn’t find some current (feb '17) topic about my question.
I would like to upgrade my X-Carve (new version with X-Controller) with a laser. Mainly for engraving, maybe some cutting.
What is the cheapest way to do it? I live in Germany, importing from the US results in a lot of toll fees :-/

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It really depends on your definition of “cheap”. What might be affordable for one person is outrageous for another. All said and done I will have probably 450-500 dollars into a laser upgrade on my machine.

How many fees?

Do you pay fees for importing from Poland? There is a laser producer there that sells higher priced lasers, but if the fees are lower than importing from the states, then you might get a better overall price there.

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The laser itself is not the real cost. It is finding a good controller board that you can control the current and also have pwm control. Those are the two items that you really want to look at when trying to source a laser.


I thought about 250€, at the Moment is the L-Cheapo my favourit