What computer

What computer are people using to drive the xcarve. I’ve been using an spare laptop which has given up the ghost so it time to replace it so doing some research for best options.

Generally I will prep the files for carving on my main machine and then open the file just to use easel or gcode sender on the workshop computer just to push to the xcarve. Sometimes however I will do a quick easel file on that machine so it does need to be useable for that.

The laptop died of dust but mainly water… Roof leaking… :disappointed_relieved:

I have been using a Dell laptop with windows 7 that I got off amazon for less than 100 dollars shipped.

I use an old Macbook from 2009, no issues what so ever.
Main design work is done on a newer iMac (Easel + Fusion360). The iMac is mid2010 :wink:

Using an old Dell Pentium 4 3ghz with 4gb of ram, the sticker on the front says it originally had windows xp on it, but now it runs windows 10. I don’t use easel though so i can’t speak to that. I have a tinyg and use chilipeppr.com/tinyg It works great to run my machine.

If all your using it for is to send gcode to your machine, you don’t need much. Go to New Egg and checkout the refurbished ones. They usually have something decent that will do the job for around $100. I’m running mine on a computer I got for $50.

I used a stick PC that I got off Amazon for $75 that plugs directly into a monitors HDMI. Its got Win10 and this gum-stick sized computer runs my XCarve incredibly well. Concur with the above statement that it doesn’t take make to run it.

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I’m working on making a simple Raspberry Pi machine to run my Xcarve. in theory its as cheap as you can get.