What could this be

Does anyone have a clue what might have cause my bit to get off track? Please don’t say belting… Seriously if it is a belting issue guess just go ahead…


Hey patty could you disprove to us that it is not your belts?

that is a common issue but it could be other things

would you give some specifics on your cut like

feeds and speeds


Could be almost anything. There are so many factors involved.
Feedrate, depth of carve (doc), dull bit, loose collet, play in the axis, loose belt gear… search the forums for solutions.

Have you leveled your wasteboard, trammeled your spindle?

Pretty sure it’s my belt, I took my spindle and moved left to right while machine off and got hung up on one end. I am in the process of changing my belt now.

X Carve 1000mm
1/8’ bit
1/4 inch birch

Trying to cut a name to hang on wall

Leveled wasteboard? trammeled my spindle? I will have to search forum