What determines the precision of X-Carve?

Stated precision of x-carve is 0.075mm - 0.013mm. But using better software than Easel can improve this. What features of x-carve determine it’s precision?
~ ridgidity, steppers, controller, belts?

All of the above, really. Plus your own adjustments / how carefully you assembled it, calibration, runout in your specific spindle, sharpness of your cutter, and about a thousand other things. Easel is actually not bad, I’ve seen guys getting circle-square-diamond results that aren’t bad at all once everything is properly calibrated and worked in.

Thank you.

Do you think this informs us what specific, owner implemented, incremental, precision related improvements might be applied to an X-Carve. With that I suppose I should also ask if such ideas are being considered by the community and assembled somewhere. For instance, I found a dearth of information on runouts for various spindles. Is there a source of such data?

Note: I have settled on X-Carve, but not purchased one yet. In addition to machine parts, I expect to do quite a lot of PCB work, preferably SMD. The examples I have seen so far exhibit traces much wider than I would like.

CAD software has very little to do with precision. a 1 inch square is a 1 inch square no matter what CAD program it is drawn in. Precision is in the machine. How ridged is it. How much back lash. Is it stepper driven or servo driven. What run out does the spindle have .0001 or.002" Quality of the tooling used. Plus a lot more.

The XC in stock form is not very ridgid. Runs belt not ball screws. Has steppers not servos. Uses low cost spindles that have some run out.
You can improve a lot of this but you will have a hard time equaling a high end CNC router or milling machine that run thousands of dollars.

I guess the bottom line is how much precision do you require. Can you live with the precision of the XC


I can to begin with. I was certainly thinking of adding servos eventually, and experimenting with other features. I like the modularity, accessibility, and potential of X-Carve.

You might be interested in my report about PBC precision reality with my X-Carve. My PCB experience