What do i need to adjust for 90 degree angle?

I was attempting to make a 90 degree fence for my wasteboard by letting the x-carve cut on the x/y axis at 90 degree. But when I get my square edge(s) the cut angle is not 90…it’s slightly off. What do I need to adjust?

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This is a sign that the frame is not square to its natural resting placement.

Some ppl will say to use alignment blocks and pull the gantry forward into them, and this is a valid, albeit annoying, method. A more permanent method is to adjust the frame itself by adjusting the diagonal measurements such that the machine does properly carve x and y perpendicular to each other.

To add to Seth’s statement, the X gantry is not square to the Y rails.

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Are you saying I need to take it apart and make sure the frame is square?

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I’m new to xcarve, how do you square the x and y gantry?

This is a good video to watch

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