What do the OTHER header pins on the G-Shield do?

Way back in the summertime, when I was building my X-Carve, I wasn’t paying attention to the instructions and soldered in 2 groups of header pins onto the G Shield. This means that in addition to the normal connections for the homing switches and pwm spindle control I have an extra 8 pins hanging out there asking for something to be connected to them. Does anyone know what they do or are capable of?

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D8 stepper motors enable
D9 X homing
D10 Y homing switch
D11 Spindle control
D12 Z homing switch

D2 step X
D3 step Y
D4 step Z
D5 direction X
D6 direction Y
D7 direction Z

Also, not on that connector, grbl v0.9 uses:
A5 for probing
A4 reserved
A3 Coolant Enable
A2 Cycle Start
A1 Feed Hold
A0 Reset/Abort

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Enquiring minds would like to know.

There are other pins I would like to know about as well.

Does anyone know where I can find an explanation of what each pin is doing and not just on the G shield but the info coming and going from the Arduino as well?

I would like to know as much as I can about this specific set up. I am green to the CNC world. Currently Building my first.

The spindle control on D11 is a PWM signal so in order to run your relay for the 611 you would need to set up spindle control at 100% to get the relay to stay on all the time. Then you could turn the 611 on/off with that signal controlling your relay.

You would just have to make sure that the relay doesn’t pull too much current from the D11 pin.