What do you all think of the new upgrade to X carve

I am thinking of upgrading my XCarve1000. I have had it a few years now and find myself using it more and wonder if any of you have upgraded and what you think.

well, the “Z” is well worth it. also consider Makita spindle if you’re using the 611.

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I do have the 611. I was going to look into the Makita. Thanks.

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What is the benefit to the Makita over the 611?

slower RPM which can generate larger chips and the other upgrades improve rigidity which allows for larger chip… larger chips=faster carves… BUT the makita has given a lot of people issues with the different collet design, it can be tough to get out.

I started out with a Shapeoko2 and did all the upgrades with aftermarket vendors. I put in 9mm belts and pulleys, the newer x axis carriage and extrusion, larger nema 23 motors, Y axis risers and stiffeners, and a cnc4newbies Z axis. I also added extra extrusion to support t slot and a basswood work surface. It’s my go to machine these days and capable of some accuracy comparable to my other lead screw driven and unsupported rail k2 machine.

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