What do you call your X-Carve?

I call mine SCREECH…

Mine is a Special Edition X Carve so I been calling it the SE X Carve :slight_smile:

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Nice… :grinning: What makes it a Special Edition?


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I submitted a name change for my machine to the cnc gods, I am asking for !@(@^#%%!~(&^^!

But only when operator error puts a 1/2" hole in the middle of an antique piece of white oak i am trying to skim the veneer off of.

The Masticator (Mark I). Once the stock spindle fails and I move on to the DW, it’ll be upgraded to the T-800 Masticator.

I call my ‘Little Henri’ because I run a big CNC called Henri Li’ne 5 axis gantry.
X-Carve is similar to the design of the Henri Li’ne for which is a very good design.
The Henri Li’ne looks like this.

What kind of parts are you making on that small machine. It’s too clean also.


It’s clean, because never been used. Still trying to figure out how to turn this giant on. :laughing:


Mine is currently called Esa tu máquina or “that machine of yours”, possibly because it takes up a big corner of the dining room and has yet to start paying for itself.


Maynard because it’s become my lead Tool.

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My son labeled mine “Rob” short for Robot.

Until I get it dialled in (round not oval circles) and stop the chattering (x-axis mod soon), I won’t say what I’ve been calling mine all day!

I call mine "BOSCO’s Toy because the man that died with the most toy’s is the winner

“Daddys’ favorite money pit” is a good one.
Or “What are you making now?” “Nothin Dearest just tuning her up.”

Gol #$&$ piece of $$_$$$. !:smiley: