What do you use for vector editing?

I have and use Inkscape for some editing, Gimp for photo post processing and I’m looking for a vector editing software. A program that I can take parts form a vector and use them in my own design. Yes I could do the ghostscrpt and actually have tried it, “don’t like it”. I just want something that is not an arm and leg to buy. Any thoughts?

Umm, Inkskape?

I use VCarve for most of my drawing and editing. InkScape has a node editing function. Does that not work for you?

Mostly I use Inkscape just for file conversion.

If you use a recent version of Mac OS X, you may find Serif’s Affinity Designer a good choice: https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/ — it’s like to FreeHand, which I still use by preference.

We have begun listing vector editors on the Shapeoko wiki:

I havent used the node editing. Is it pretty time consuming, plus I want to just import a file like eps without all the hokey pokey stuff.

Umm yes

Adobe Illustrator

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Remember that Inkscape is primarily for vector creation and editing. I’ve been using it for vector drawings for many years now.

I use CorelDraw for everything. Been using it since 1989.