What does it mean when you start to get strings instead of chips?

Is this a sign of a dull bit? Or is it more just the piece of wood?

It all depends on the wood, what kind of wood was it? I find aspen and some pine gets stringy.

It’s Spanish cedar. Different section of the same board I have been working for about a week. Seems like it’s getting worse?

Is the bit dull? I used brand new bits on aspen and had the same thing…the wood was just a pain to use and required a lot of cleanup after cutting.

I find that when I cut with the grain on woods like pine, maple or poplar, and using a .25" end mill with a 40% step over gives me strings.

This may sound like a complete noob, but not sure if the bit is dull. Feels the same as it always has :). Was wondering if this is one way to tell. Definitely with the grain is worse… Downcut seemed to work better…

I’ve had brand new sharp bits do the same thing, sometimes it is just the nature of the piece of wood.

pine does it, don’t know about ceder, but i wouldn’t worry about it

When you’re drilling, it means your feed is too slow. Those chips need to break.

Fair enough… Thanks!