What font is this?

Hey guys and gals does anyone know what font this is?

thanks in advance

possibly Pratt Nova Black
But try this: http://www.identifont.com/index.html

ahh no thats not it thanks though

ahh thats not it thanks though I need to find the true name of the font so that I can download the font file

Oh yeah I see what your saying but I think that is actually in the font I seem the same font all over the place on etsy like this picture below

I have even been told that this is a vintage font used in old carnivals from the 1950’s

Try Dafont.com

That’s where I get all mine from and i bet you’d even be able to search “carnival” and it’d give you a bunch of options.

oh yeah thanks I have been on that site and others for the past hour trying to find the font I bet I have gone through close to a 1000 different fonts no luck :frowning:

fontsquirrel is great at identifying fonts

AHH thanks no dice they could not match it to the right font

Bootstrap is close.

So is Buffalo Western.

yeah I think buffalo western is pretty close to bad its a paid font I dont have enough room for that on this job I wish it was a little closer but we are defiantly on the right track I think


I bought a font collection on Ebay. 60,000 fonts, almost impossible to navigate even with the font manager software. Thought buffalo western might be there but I just checked and no luck.


Thats crazy lol maybe get your money back?

Think it was only about $10.00. Lots of good fonts but impossible to go through 60,000!

May just have to settle for one close. I’ve done that several times. I say that because I’m thinking along the lines of Phil, its just someone sawing away with a scroll saw.

well what I dont understand is that you can find those exact letter shapes all over etsy I emailed probably 20 different companies on there ask if they new

but that is what leads me to believe its a actual font due to everyone of those listing being exactly the same

hand work is just not that consistent

my graphic artist said it was Tamarac JNL-Regular which is close but not exactly

just amazing how many of those shapes are on the web and having such difficulty to find the font

Looks like they’re all buying from the same place. Maybe Michaels or Hobby Lobby or something.

Well I would defiantly be excited for that if thats the case

as far as the font goes hobby would not tell you lol

I am going to Hobby Lobby tomorrow morning. I will look and see if that font is in their pre-cut letters.