What g code controller should i use for my x carve?

I have v carve pro and a x carve. I need to know what g code machine controller to use? I have used a open source g code controller but have some problems with the program start up. Could someone recommend a good controller.

I would say most use universal g code sender or chilipepper.

Thank you for your reply. I just reinstalled my universal g code sender and now after several attempts to run it I get a error code grbl not finished booting up. I shut down everything and restarted it and got the same result. What should i do now?

That error usually means you have the buad rate setting wrong, be sure you have the baud rate set to 115200

I’ve been having great results sending g-code thru Easel

You might like to try GRBL Panel

Download available from https://github.com/gerritv/Grbl-Panel

I have been using the Daily Build version of UGS with good results

Though at some point back I updated the version of GRBL on my G Shield. That was a major PIA as the instructions left out a few key steps.