What happened to app

Just thought about it reading another post. What happened to the inventables app @Zach_Kaplan?

I know a lot of people didn’t use it. Was the idea trashed? I remember being on the beta group

There was a mobile app from inventables?

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Are you talking about writing apps / plugins for Easel?

No it was a beta app where people shared projects and showed how to go through the process and a place to ask for tips.

It was a mix between this and Instagram.
It was very small. Some people used it but never took off. Wonder if they were gonna relaunch it

I vaguely remember something being mentioned on here about this too

Would you be referring to the Projects page? By your description this is what I find.

I used it once and never got a reply. I look every once in a while but little activity so I never got to involved.

What was the app called? I see nothing under Inventables.

Nah it was a very small thing just random people uploading stuff

@X-CNC you could put a gun to my head i still wouldn’t remember. Honestly I was on it for like 3 months. Sounds like @KennethConnell would know what it was called?

I looked up the E-mail for the app and it has a personal download link. I an not sure if it was an experimental app or released to the public.

Zach, BRING BACK THE APP OR WE PROTEST!!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Easel Studio is the app name. Just got home and checked my phone.

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Just looked on the App Store and didn’t see it.

Sad it’s not available, sounds like a nice idea.

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Hi Sean,

That app was something we were experimenting with. That experiment came to an end, and we shifted gears a little, but those concepts are things we are still thinking about.

How was your experience using the app? What would you like to get from an app like that?

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All great ideas. They should put you in charge :grin:

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There are many aspects to app design. You don’t need to be the one writing code. You would be great in the creative department :+1: My recommendations for the app would be very similar to yours Sean. There would be a series of tabs. In settings you would be able to choose - which - tabs would appear on your screen. You could choose from Set-Up, Easel, Tutorials, Projects, My X-Carve, Forum, Showcase, and Store. Showcase would be a place where people could go to show their newest carves and inspire others. My X-Carve would be a place where you could bookmark your favorite projects, and list all the upgrades to your X-Carve for others to see. Also in settings would be a Contact Us button for direct communications with Inventables. The point is there are many options that could be utilized in a app, so hopefully Inventables won’t give up on a app.

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I would love to see feed full of x carved projects.
I think in the last time the projects category of this forum is just used for finding help solving issues and not to demonstrate finished projects.
When I find one of these though I always feel so inspired and want to start carving on mine.

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