What happened to Easels (non-Pro) toolpaths?

In the days before Easel Pro was introduced, cutting objects was great. Now the toolpaths seem very inefficient. For example if I have ten pocket, Easel carves one pass per pocket before doing the 2nd pass per pocket and so on, that’s allot of extra up and down and moving around. Before, Easel would carve the entire pocket to final depth before moving to the next. In addition to this, Easels next object selection seems to be random, rather then moving to the next closet pocket to be cut. Before, Easels order seemed to follow the order in which they were created or added.

I am wondering the reasons for these changes? I much prefer the toolpaths order that was in place before Easel Pro.

So it cuts the pocket to full depth before moving to the next one? Why would it be different for me. This is perplexing…

Can you share a project giving you issues? Might help solve the problem.

So far it’s been every project in my collection, not limited to one file. All of them cut fine before Easel Pro.

i don’y know about the pockets but i did a sign today and instead of following the way the taxt was written it cut one letter on one line then moved down and cut one and so on until it went clear across the board. rather odd but it came out alright.

My carves are coming out good too, but the they are taking more time because of the odd toolpaths.

i understand. rather differant.

Not seeing it. Tried to replicate what you’re seeing with the pockets, but I couldn’t. The toolpaths look efficient.

Driver version?
Both gshield/xcontroller and Easel Local.

Thanks @DamnitJim, updated easel and did a test and seems to be working better. I didn’t know there was a new driver available. Usually I am prompted by easel to update but didn’t hear anything this time.

@NickHomrich, nice to hear it is working better for you now. But it is highly unlikely it has something to do with the driver, especially given you got correct results. Could you please share a project you are having issues with? You could send it via a message if you prefer.



@Ruwan I am jumping in here because I’ve asked a few times about the toolpaths but haven’t gotten any response. In the animation that was shown, the toolpaths were very orderly and systematic. In the bulk of my projects however, the toolpaths have a tendency to zigzag back and forth all over.

Here is a project as an example, you can see how the movements go back and forth repeatedly across the whole project rather than moving to an adjacent profile. If there is something that I am not doing properly or not understanding, please let me know so that I can take steps to correct it.


Hi @RobertBeattie,

This is something we are still working on.

Thank you



@Ruwan you were right my problem is not a result of the driver. I find the problem occurs when I I have overlaping cuts. I cut out coasters out of sheets of HDPE, to maximize the number of coaster per sheet I place them very close to one another. The cuts overlap without cutting into the coaster itself. When I do this it cuts each pocket 1 pass at a time, coming back to the 2nd pass after it has done all the other pockets. Resulting in allot of extra travel. If I don’t have overlapping cuts the pockets seem to cut to full depth before moving to the next.