What has changed?

I have been an X Carve owner for nearly 15 months and have only completed a few projects successfully. I had the machine running like a top a month ago and successfully completed a simple project that I tried to replicate recently and had much trouble. The machine seemed to be having a hard time staying on path. After many failed test cuts than two successful test cuts on scrap MDF I loaded a piece of Mahagony and hit carve. The lettering and Seahorse design cut perfect but when machine started to cut outline of the entire piece it whent astray. Could it have been my feed and speed rate? I have not had a chance to get back and try more tests.

Honestly, I didn’t understand two things. My X-Carve and my wife’s behavior.
Changes around the clock.
One thing sure,
1: if you use them regularly on daily bases, you’ll never have problems,
2: if you don’t show enough respect and be gentle, you have to pay for it.
3: if you don’t run monthly maintenance on X-Carve, if you don’t take her out for dinner, you’ll have strange results.

Go easy, put enough time on it, don’t rush it. They both hates it.

If it make sense…

Experienced old man,


Very profound Alan…

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