What is causing this now? one down and one new issue!

So my machine was not calibrated quite right so i found the video about calibration. Ok had so issues so customer support at inventables suggested checking for square, belts and all the normal problems.

I have spent at least 10 hr re squaring my machine, its dead on square. It is level and true. I built a torsion box table top, braces for the Y axis, it does not move side to side or sage under its own weight any more so i have about 30 hours in all this this week. I know it is not belts or v wheels because it is consistent in the test squares.

I did the calibration a week ago did a test 2"x2" square came out within .00015 from 2" square. Now i did not test anything large than the 2"x2" i assumed that eveything would be ok. Today after doing all the above mentioned here is the problem a 4" inch square is 4.032 and a 1" square is .993. What the hell!? Why is this doing this?

Im spending WAY to much TIME and money just to adjusting and test and no time producing any projects.

this is what i have or have done to my machine now plus the above mentioned.
1000mm x 1000m
steel plate in between the X axis
turned up the pots
Dwalt 611
VCarve Pro
UGS v 1.0.8
Windows 10
64 bit

Are you cutting on the line. inside the line or outside the line? Also have you measured the diameter of your bit. I discovered the hard way that not all .125 bits are actually .125

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Im doing a pocket with a depth of .065 and yes its a .125 i checked, it single flute upcut. Just ran a program with a 1", 2", 3,", 4" and 5" squares all in the same cut path and all without starting or stopping the program or machine. The 1,2 and one axis of 3 were undersized and the one axis on 3, all on 4 and 5 were oversized. Ill post a picture of the pockets and sizes tomorrow morning.

Im cutting a pocket, from what i can tell is your not given a choice on the line. i would think they would all be undersized or oversized , not a mix. Am i right or wrong? The machine should cut them all in proportion even it it was out of calibration? Right or wrong? Im not getting why the small square in undersized and the bigger one is oversized.

Try a profile cut (cut out the square) and measure the square that you get.

So i calibrated again and cut a pocket still off tried cutting a profile and it was very close. So i think i got it finally.

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I would guess that you are getting electronic noise from your spindle motor. This is causing problems with loosing or adding steps to your moves.