What is everyones favorite bit for your final profile/cut out?

I’m curious what everyone uses for their final cut-out bits. I regularly do signs in pine and MDF, and the straight cut bits leave something to be desired. I do have downcut bits, but wondered what everyone prefered.

I use a .25 2 flute downcut bit, only thing i have used really… so i cant vouch for anything else xD

.125" compression bit from Inventables , unless the material is thicker than .75".

I’ve been considering a compression bit myself. I’ve never used one, but I do like the idea of minimal cleanup. Do you have to adjust feedrate?

Keep in mind a compression bit is only truly useful if you are plunging further than the compression in the bit itself (in a single pass), otherwise you simply have an upcut bit.

Downcut. Diameter varies depending on job.

Right, thats why I was interested in how people use it with feedrate, etc. Most of my signs leave a small amount of material. Around 0.125 at the edges, which I could probably cut in a single pass, but not sure if there are compression bits for that small amount.

The picture is hard to tell but when holding it it’s really strange looking compared to either upcut or downcut , I use it on .75 thick all the time with great results… cuts well at about 60-70 ion in plywood or pine at at 1/16" doc