What is good software to use for switch panels?

Hey guys I am new to the CNC world, and currently saving to buy a X-Carve. I am hoping to use it to make more precise switch panels and engrave custom labels on them. Before I buy the Xcarve I’d like to have a good grasp of the software and be able to design switchboards with ease. So with that In mind what is a good program to download and learn? Its all 2d work luckily so I am hoping to have something user friendly. I’ve looked at easel but it looks to be very limiting and not to sure if it is what I need. Here is a picture of an example switchboard all holes are cut precisely to fit switches leds and gauges etc…

The Easel software for X-carve (free) will do a great job for that type of work. Easel is a very easy to learn Web based solution that will let you design and create tool paths with a very fast learning curve.

Hmm after playing around with it for a bit it might just work.Ill keep playing with it!

Here is a weird question… Any way to print this onto paper? I made a little 5inch by 2inch panel with holes. Since I don’t have a CNC machine I figure for now I could print these out tape the paper onto the carbon fibre and cut it out?

How about using the Snipping Tool to capture the drawing? Assuming you’re using Windows, of course. Then you can use Photoshop or another image editing program to resize it as you want. If not there must be something like it in whatever OS you use.

I am using windows what is the snipping tool? I do have photoshop so if I can find a way to copy the exact scale onto photoshop it should work

Hmm if I screenshot the screen I don’t think the screen will show the actual scale of the image.

Hi Kasey,
The Snipping Tool has been in Windows since Window 7, if I remember correctly. You can find its executable file in Windows/System32 if it is not on your desktop. And in answer to your next comment, I believe it does capture the correct scale of the image. You may have to experiment with it a bit; it works great!! I hope it helps you.

Hey guys thank you for all the help! After more digging I decided to get Adobe Illustrator! It works wonders for what I need it for! Thanks guys!