What is happening in your shop?!?!

For some reason, everything I order is backordered. And not a short backorder either. Things are taking forever! What is the problem? Suppliers? Employees not keeping up? Do I need to find another distributor? What is the deal?

I have the same frustration. I ordered my machine with a 2-3 week shipping window. I have a few things mostly bits and collets. I won’t get the remainder of the order until mid-February.

    My other frustration with this process is the order / invoice / bill of lading and instructional disconnects. The order screen list parts in a certain grouping / the order confirmation groups things in a different way / the bill of lading does not resemble the first two at all and finally in the instructions things are grouped in a completely different way from the order process / invoice / lading. I will not know if I have everything I am supposed to have until the machine is assembled.

I’m sorry, but using Christmas as an excuse is just ■■■■ poor planning. Christmas happens every year. It’s not unexpected.


The kit based CNC market is so new and growing that I suspect any meaningful predictions are impossible.

Ah I found it… if you look at the order sheet it says “not eligible for Amazon Prime”


With that attitude, I think it is best I take my business and verbalize my reviews elsewhere.

sounds reasonable???

at least you were quick about it.


Alright I’m just really curious— if you have a nosebleed, why would you put ice on the back of your neck? :slight_smile:

I was not chasing away.

I was just stunned at how bad he commented on this and then how quick it was to walk away in such a fashion.


I wonder if the guy realizes that nobody that responded is actually Inventables, just the peanut gallery. :thinking:

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He probably doesn’t realize that, but the "peanut gallery’ has an awfully loud voice here.

And when your first posts are complaints??? … I don’t blame anyone for being upset about shipping delays, but he should have done due diligence before spending his money. From what I have seen here lately and on the Inventables FB page… those who are Flaming the loudest haven’t even really spent any money as they are taking advantage of the new Financing options that Inventables offers. When I ordered mine i spent over $2000 in one go and waited two months. The difference there being that I spent the money knowing fully that i would be waiting for a while.

If this guy is complaining about the product now… what happens when he gets frustrated with the build process??? I say good riddance to the negativity before it starts


First off, please accept our apology for the continued delay in shipping orders and parts of orders. We were overwhelmed by the number of orders we received during the holiday season and they are maxing out our current supply chain. We are working with our suppliers to expedite shipments so we can complete assembly and get all customer shipments out as soon as possible. Here are some of the things we are doing to minimize these types of supply chain issues in the future:

  1. Replacing an overseas supplier who makes several of the custom X-Carve components due to poor performance both in speed, quality and overall reliability. This will take a bit as in some cases it involves tooling, etc.
  2. Partnering with a new International freight forwarder to help us better manage overseas pick-ups, transit times and import/customs issues
  3. Hiring an expeditor
  4. Revamping some of our purchasing processes to better align with where we are today.

Again, I am really sorry for the bad experience we have given some folks. If you need specifics on your order please contact our support team. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Thanks for the update.

Perhaps update the website to reflect the issues you are having? I checked today and it still says Shipping a complete machine in 2-3 weeks. While reality is 4 to 6 weeks. I am sure it will be awesome and I will get the order list, shipping invoice and instructions all matched up eventually.

Thanks again

I think a little bit of customer care was in order. I ordered a new X-controller in mid November. I got a backorder notice saying it would ship Dec 11th. The date came and went without any update. I finally called and was told it was expected to ship Jan 11th… 30 days without notification? I got the blanket update last week just like everyone else. Almost a month too late in my book. It did ship yesterday so I should get it next week. I think just a little bit of work sending a few emails would save a lot of heartache and business…I love the product and want to continue to purchase my parts from Inventables . Please step up your game, keep us informed.

I just ordered a 1000mm x-carve on 12/29. Sounds like the core components are shipping soon but the x-controller may be a little bit? Are the x-controllers still on backorder?

I agree with Dennis, It’s fine if it’s 2-3 weeks but if in actuality its going to be 5-6, that timeframe should be updated on the website. If the website says 5-6 weeks when the orders are placed, the customer knows exactly what they are getting themselves into. Until all of the items have shipped, it really isn’t a functional tool.

Still very excited about the x carve as I still have to set up a work table before any assembly happens.

I ordered my stuff on thanksgiving I am on my 3rd estimated delivery date and am still waiting.