What is Machine Inspector? And what can be done with it?


X-Carve user since May '15, and getting the hang of relatively simple CNC carving (cant call it machining just yet) and I just read a thread that talked about Machine Inspector and G-code. What is this and how can I use it to improve my work?

Keith in Georgia

@KeithWilliams, Machine Inspector is your back door into tweaking your settings in Easel. If you open it, you will find a lot of g-code commands and their descriptions, and you can change the settings as desired.

If you plan to calibrate your X-Carve’s stepper motors (steps/mm) and only want to use Easel, you would go through Machine Inspector to adjust codes $100, $101, and $102 (I think those are them). You can also adjust the max speed and the accelerations in each axis.

If your X-Carve has been working since May, you probably don’t need to tweak anything in there. It couldn’t hurt to calibrate the axes, but if you don’t need precision cuts then there’s no need to calibrate. You don’t even need to calibrate to do inlays, since your inlay and pocket will both be cut with the same amount of error, which will cancel out.

Well, where do you get it or how to you launch the UI???

Open Easel, click Machine- > Advanced -> Machine Inspector

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