What is making vcarve change from smooth to noise

What is making vcarve change from smooth to noise, I had worked with wood , cut, carve, with nice work, now the bit take hard time to cut or carve with high noise

I’m not entirely sure the whole context of your question, but there are quite a few things that can cause chatter.

Are you using the stock DC spindle, or one of the router mounts? Have you gone through the machine to make sure all your V-wheels and eccentrics are tight, and your belts are properly tensioned? Has your bit chipped or become otherwise damaged or dull?

Sorry, without more information I can’t be too specific. :smile:

Yes I am sorry for no more information, because I want to sa that I check the machine, when cutting made big noise, without cutting it’s smooth, if it go down make noise, when go y make noise , x little, what’s the step to do mantain, I tied all nuts, the belt is good, I change the spindle soon,

It sounds like your spindle may be failing, if I am understanding you correctly. If you are running the original 24V spindle, that is fairly likely, they had a very high failure in the bearings. If you contact Inventables, they will help you swap out your stock spindle for one of the new router mounts. They are very good to deal with.

They sent me one new soon

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Have you replaced the bit? Some types of wood can wear out the bit quite quickly.

If you could do a quick video of it in operation, it would help us, help you :wink:

I will do that soon, how can I upload videos her

Just upload them to YouTube. its the easiest way to do it.

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How I can check if v well is not good, or something in the idler

I try to adjust v weels,and the current of the motors,and change the bit,some bits make noise when carve,and some not,for cut I found 1/8 end mill,it is very nice,in cut shape but not good in carve latter,I use vbit to carve latters,but make bid noisehttps://youtu.be/6Tg7ESlDj0A

The video is marked “Private” Jamal…

When I use vbit ,it is make big noise

The problem is, when I click on the video to play it it says that the video is private. You need to change the permissions on the actual video in YouTube

Check it now

Watch “Carve wood” on YouTube

Can any one see my xcarve, and watch z axes when move up make noisy ,it weired sounds some times was high and some times golow or nothing,what is the problem, is it the z stepper motor, or some thing in v weels

Mine is making the same noise. It seems Jamal has not found a solution and neither have I