What is "Moderate" force?

I’m about to start my build, and I’ve learned that my definition of “moderate force” would strip the threads. Luckily, I have a torque screwdriver-thingy I bought after stripping out a couple scope mounts…

Could someone let me know how hard to torque the screws down?

And for the record I did not break it, I was just testing its durability.

I had the same question in mind when I built my machine. I just winged it. For no reason in particular I picked 20 in-lbs. Torqued all the fasteners I could use the torque screwdriver on and the ones I couldn’t I tried to match the effort it took with the torque screwdriver. I used Loctite on everything.

So far, my use of the machine would be considered very light and it works well. I don’t know what is going to happen when I start cutting more difficult pieces.

Danke! I didn’t wanna go all American Tourister Gorilla on it, then have to wait for parts to ship.

I thought it was the Samsonite monkey?