What is that Sound? XCP X-Axis (Resolved)

Watch the video and let me know if you know what that sound is?
Obviously the X is not moving the 5 inches per click.

X-Axis Noise

I’m guessing it is the X-Axis stepper motor?
Actually hoping it is the X-Axis stepper motor, because that would FINALLY explain the X-Axis slipping issues I’ve been experiencing.

That is the noise of stepper motor lockup from driving the stepper faster than it’s capabilities. it looks like too fast of MAX speed ($110 setting) . . .
likely the Grbl settings are incorrect, can u share those?

You Can Tune the settings for optioman speeds shown here with a smaller cnc… the tuning is the same process for every machine though…Of course if you’re using easel then you’d need to do it in machine inspector…

@SethCNC Mmm I’m running feedspeed of 100 ipm. Also tried running a project at 130 ipm and had the same results.

Here’s my Grbl settings


Those Grbl settings match what I show for defaults…

You know what, that noise could also be the belt/pulley slipping teeth… another conversation about this is over in another thread too, you can take off the cover plate and check the belt/motor during this, there is a tensioning pulley in there.

This is what’s under that cover plate: (you might need to turn that tensioning pulley to achieve more tension, but test that stoppage/noise thing again and see if the stepper is locking up, or if the stepper is still spinning and the Ball Screw pulley is stopped…indicating the belt is skipping teeth…)

I know this is a little bit of a stretch, but do you think ambient temperature plays a role?

I have no temp reading in my garage, but I know last weekend when it was about 0 or so degree farenheit I had the issue. Mid week (probably 30F) did v-carving and y-axis squaring or slipping issue disappeared successful sign. Yesterday 0F outside again or so and squaring issues.

As I said in my other post in the other thread, I double checked the Y-Axis belt tension both from the perspective of the eccentric pulley and the motor mount. I even went so far to go through the entire CNC squaring procedure from the assembly guide and run the 11" Y2 tightening process.

For contour cutting this has not been an issue, but for the V-carving it is going out of square almost all the time, I think it s the rapid changes in movement for the v carving. In the video you can hear the higher pitch “humming” and visibly see the gantry go out of square with the fast movement.

I am at lose of what I can do now. I put a message into Inventables, hopefulley they can help.

Mine was losing steps, I turned my max speed down by 1/3 and acceleration to 250 on all axis. Seemed to help but have not tested it much at all. 73F climate controlled environment.

@SethCNC That is my thread talking about the pulley and belts. I’ve been keeping my cover off. The belt isn’t jumping that is the motor chattering.

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@AlexanderElkins I’m wondering about this also as my woodshop is in a barn with no heat. However, this idea has a couple problems. My Z & Y stepper motors work fine in the cold. In my case it is just the X-axis

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@GregBuckwalter I agree its puzzling that it is not effecting all axis.I feel like the profile I am cutting has a ton more Y movement than x.

I know it sounds silly, but I did find that moving my machine up and down its lengths a few times in both directions and then running the homing sequence and then cutting helped a ton. the motors are warm to the touch after doing that compared to before they were cold. I have now been successful cutting three cuttings after doing this process.

@CNCInspiration Where are you adjusting the speed and acceleration beyond the cutting feed and speeds in the bit profiles in the top right of easel?

@AlexanderElkins look up in the thread to SethCNC’s video he posted.

Yesterday it was 45f outside, which would make it the same in the wood barn… Barns are well No outside weather, but same temp :slight_smile:. I ran the same test (multiple times): move 5 inches and the X-Axis ran without any issues. When I recorded that video it was mid-20s in the barn. Operating temperature does play into the XCP. I’ve since been told the operating temp of the XCP is 40f-104f.

So I’m off to put up some walls in my CNC stall.

that’s great, i have mine out in my detached garage I keep it at 50 F when go out there to work
I crank up 70F

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