What is the best software for creating 3d objects?

I have been trying to create a 3d object within aspire, but the software really isn’t made for great modeling.

What software does everyone use, and why?

I don’t use Aspire - yet- but I know others who swear by it. Here’s what Vectric says:

Aspire’s unique 3D component modeling coupled with the comprehensive set
of 2D design and editing tools make it easy to work with existing 2D
data or imported 3D models as well as giving you the ability to create
your own 2D and 3D parts from scratch.

“Best” is a relative thing. Depends on what you want to do and which software package will help you do that. I have several 3D CAD programs and each has its strength and weakness.

I think the one that I have that is most flexible and powerful is Rhino 5. There is a pretty steep learning curve so it would take some time and effort to learn it.

I haven’t used Aspire so I can’t compare the two.

I used Solidworks. It’s great for real parts (brackets, gears, etc.), but not so easy to use for more aesthetic features (art).

I’ve been using OnShape recently, which is quite nice and has both mobile and browser based version, and is from the original Solidworks authors. I also use Fusion360 as well. Echo on @BetaPrints on great for functional parts, not as much for aesthetics.

I use Kubotek KeyCreator. There the innovators of 3D CAD and first to offer for a PC. I have been using it 20+ years since the DOS operating system days when it was called Cadkey. It’s more for designing parts/components and manufacturing them. It has up to 5-axis tombstone indexing CAM capabilities also. I even use it for 2D vector engraving/cutting with my Shapeoko 2 6W laser diode engraver.

It’s fairly user friendly, but just like any complex 3D CAD/CAM program, there is a learning curve.

For 2D-3D image engraving. I use PicEngrave Pro 5. Why? Because I tried many other image to gcode programs over the years and never could get the quality results I was looking for without allot of tinkering and adjusting of the settings. When I changed to PEP4, it was like night and day and successful/quality results was allot easier to achieve. Thanks @JohnChamplain for all your hard work developing our software programs!!

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I have only had my x-carve working for a month so I am not an expert, but I have managed to X-carve serif fonts on a sign, produce carves with smooth surfaces and produce a relief cut of a dragon, for what its worth here are my feelings:

The answer depends on what you want to do. Fusion 360 is free for enthusiasts and has good sculpting tools for curved objects. It has not too bad a learning curve. Blender is free 3D generating environment (can be used to create height map images from meshes), serious learning curve though. F-Engrave is OK for engraving. Dmap2gcode works very well converting height maps to g-code.

Hope this helps