What is the Correct Way to assemble v-wheel excentric nut?

I see photos of the eccentric nut on the front (outside) of the plate for the X axis. I also see the screw head against the nut on the outside (facing the operator). So, I see them assembled more than one way. I an looking for the sketch, diagram or video that shows in detail the correct assembly for these parts.
Is there an assembly instruction that is available on line?
I use the x-carve at a makers space and I fear that a well meaning user has altered the way the screw and nuts are assembled. The adjustment of the rollers are very loose and the X axis has a lot of chatter which allows the Z axis to wobble quite a bit.

Here is the full instructions https://inventables.gitbook.io/x-carve-assembly/calibration-and-maintenace

Which includes this video showing thr eccentric nuts. .

If the nuts are placed wrong, then the wheels won’t align with the rails properly. :+1::+1:

The wobble and chatter sounds pretty bad

THANK YOU! This video is the perfect answer to my questions.

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