What is the point of sending the xcarve without all the parts, which are on back order

what is the point…just wondering

In my case… I just asked them to hold on and send it all at the same time… It’s six of one, half a dozen of the other… definitely not worrying about…

But … while you are waiting for the rest … Very Disappointed

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yes I guess get a start at it…just worried about parts missing…thanks

It’s a batch processing model like Starbucks uses. In theory everyone gets there orders faster if we get out what we can now. There is a significant amount of labor that goes into kitting, packing, and doing QA on every X-Carve order so by spending the time now we aren’t delaying orders further.

Also it comes in 4 boxes and you can build almost everything else. It’s the same cost to ship parts now as hold because we don’t ship partial boxes. There are so many orders that using this approach we can keep the production line flowing without a huge build up of unshipped orders. The physical space that the orders take when packed is larger than the space we have in the warehouse if we didn’t ship any out.

Also when the back ordered parts do come in we will be able to get them out quicker to everyone because we can set up a station to just crank out those shipments.