What is up with the homing plug / pins in on a new G-shield

I have had my X-Carve for a year now and have yet to cut one decent thing out of it. Just as the weather was starting to turn nice I had had enough of this things so I put it away so I could fix everything else around my house. Now I got it back out and low and behold my x-axes would not move ( from just sitting). After reading other posts I figured that the G-shield was the most cause of the problem. I ordered a new G-shield and of course there were no pins to solder in place for the homing levers. Hard stops. Why something so simple are not either included 5 cents or an option to buy them with the new G-shield. This is the 3-4 thing that has set me back and put me into another holding pattern. It is so simple to offer there items to the customer at the time of purchase I just can not figure out why you would not just offer them for a small amount. This is the kind of thing that really gets me. Where are these pins and little blocks that go with them so I can get the soldered in. I looked all over and just can not find them. I am thinking of getting the X-Controller but I need these little things fixed first before spending $300 on something that may not have any better track record then the simple things. Thank you

I am not complaining about it just saying why it has been so long.

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After reading several posts in Inventable’s a driver or something was said to most likely be the problem on the G-shield so I ordered a new one and things work fine now. When you 1st get the G-shield you have to solder some pins on it (8) that control the switches. I just thought that the pins should be sent with the Gshield. The switches tested out good so I did not know what else to do. I am in severe pain all the time and can not run, jump, sit, stand for very long. like just being shot by a gun. I use this to try and occupy my mind so if I ever sound crazy its just that I hurt and my mind goes blank due to tons of meds. NEVER EVER meant to be complaining. My tension span is as long as my private part. HAHA I just did not feel like fooling around with all the things it could be.

Thank you.


Do you still have problems, or is it working now?

I was going to reply but why waste my time. By the way you spell their like their not there.That’s common sense. Do your homework.

Its working now thanks.