What is *your* preferred way to finish walnut?

That my friend is a beautiful piece of work.
If it were mine, I would first spray it with several (3-4) coats of Min Wax polycyclic just to seal it.
Then paint the lettering black.
Then sand the excess black paint off to get crisp letters.
Then re-spray ~8 coats of polycyclic with light sanding in-between until I got he right look.
It will be beautiful.
Thank you for sharing.

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Satin or gloss?

Thank you.

I personally like the look of satin.


I’ve had really good results spraying lacquer with walnut.
But it really depends on the sheen and depth of finish appearance you are going for.
Lacquer is a type of finish that will melt successive coats together , whereas polyurethane is a building finish that each coat lays on top of the preceding coat.

If i am going for a satin finish in lacquer I like to do the first several coats in a gloss finish and the last coat (or 2) with the satin. This prevents the flattening agent from “Muddying up” the grain.
This method applies with poly as well.


Is that Walnut? Maybe so and differences vary across geographical location, but yours has more golden color than my that has a charcoal gray to it.

Sorry, I should have explained.
That is a piece of Aspen that I stained and then applied the satin polycrylic.
I was only trying to show the satin finish.

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I used Minwax satin spray polyurethane on this candle lighter stand.


Hey, what did you make this for? Wall hanging or stool? SWEET!

I make these for the 2 Tones brewing company.
They give them out to bars for advertising.
They’re ~20" in diameter.

Here is another one that I make for them.


I like to torch walnut

… just kidding

Wow! That is a beautiful piece. Would you be willing to share the file? My parents would love that.

Was this directed at me or one of the other projects posted by others?

Sorry I meant to quote your post. Towards your project. It is beautiful. And my two cents on your question definitely only a clear coat. Boiled linseed oil or a shellac is always a good go to.

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Hi Randy,
I would also love the files if possible.

Sure. I’ll shoot you a message tomorrow.

I just completed the setup of my new 1000mm x-carve. Hope to work my way up to this kind of carving. Can you tell me, do you find files like this online somewhere, or did you design this yourself?

Sorry for the very delayed reply…

I use VCarve Pro for my design work. The book is one of their stock files and they have a tutorial on how to place text on the book… So, the most I designed in this was the choice of the words to carve.