What kind of bit do I need

Hi All,

I am wondering what type of bit will work the best and give me clean edges when doing a lot of pocketing or hogging out around letters and symbols (signs)? My material is 3/4" Spruce and I and my depth of cut is only 1/8" total. Cutting speed of 40 IPM and a step down of .065

Right now I am using a 1/8" end-mill but my edges are extremely frayed with a lot of “wood hair” left. I am thinking a down-cut bit may work better.

Thanks In Advance!


A down cutting bit will help considerably. I’d also recommend performing a finishing pass at full depth to create the final edge.


Thank You Brian!

I just ordered both.


Thanks Guys!

I picked up Oak today and new bits should be here tomorrow afternoon. I am looking forward to seeing the difference in materials and bits.

Thanks Again.