What kind of collet?

Hello all nice forum members

Since I´m a newbe here I have tons of questions
Starting with this
I wonder what kind of precision collet for my dewalt I have to buy
to use with my x-carve
I have scrolled around the “net” but get very confused
Kristian / Sweden

The collets from Elair Corp work very well and are less expensive than the precision collets.


Be sure you choose from the Dewalt Style Palm Router Collets

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I agree with @AllenMassey that Elaire is probably going to be your best choice. There’s very little difference between the Elaire and PreciseBits collets, and unless you’re shooting for .001" continuous accuracy you may as well save yourself some money.

If you ARE going for continuous .001" accuracy, it’s worth investing in the Elaire collets anyhow since you can always use them for jobs that don’t need that kind of accuracy and save the expensive ones for the rare few precise jobs once you get your machine stiffened and dialed in.

Robosavy directed me to mtmc.com.uk. I bought the dewalt DE9650 and DE9652 for my dewalt router. (8mm and 6mm collet)


Is this collets useful for my DeWalt D26200

Nope, those are ER type collets. They will not work with the Dewalt which uses a collet mounted inside a collet nut

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True, I should have said permanently mounted inside the collet nut.

Thank´s guys
Glad I didn´t ordered those yet :smiley:

Really wish the DeWalt used ER-style collets! Man that’d be nice, given the availability of hardware.

I wonder if there is any brand that works with DeWalt 26200
or is compatibles

That router is basically the same as the 611, same collets fits both (according to precision bits).

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You may want to look at Precise Bits website. They sell low run out collets for all the major router brands including the DeWalt.

Thank you for all your GREAT advise. I did notice that the collet was mounted inside the nut too. Strange. I guess they are going to get you one way or another. Just ordered my collet from Elair. Why screw around and waste a lot of time and trouble. Thanks again !!!

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