What kind of stepper motor I have!?


I recently helped a friend to reassemble his 1000x1000 X-Carve. I don’t exactly know when he have bought it, but I noticed that his stepper motor was bigger than mine. I asked and he told me that he have not changed or replaced them. I’m talking about nema 23.

So I was asking myself if I have the correct stepper motor! There’s a way to know it? I have attached a pic of what I currently have.

P.s. The motor have an installation direction!??

Inventables list two NEMA23 motors, 140 oz/in at 51mm in length and 262 oz/in. at 76mm. The X-Carve is normally supplied with the 140 oz/in motor.
No direction for installation. The motors only mount one way.

Right :stuck_out_tongue: Attached one.

Ok so I have the correct motor. Thanks!

you’re already on the interwebs - just gotta run the part number on that sticker. Looks like you’re good