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What kinds of bits are these?

I’m new and slowly learning about CNC. I have watched countless bit videos to learn more about what i need. I bought my CNC used and it came with a bunch of bits, I mostly use 1/8 , 1/16, 1/32 which i think is what everyone else uses most of the time?
I was using the one on the left for most of the time cutting wood, getting good enough results until I tried the bit ont he right, it provided a much smoother finish to the surface it cut out, I’d like to buy more of these bits, in 1/32 which i don’t have, but i have no idea what kind of bit it is, can someone help me?
What is the bit on the left (yellowish) and what is the bit on the right (greyish)


I only use wood material.

The one on the right is a single flute spiral upcut end mill. The one on the left looks like one of those PCB burr mills. Stop using the one on the left for wood.

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Thank you, Where can i find 1/32 upcut single(or double) flute bits, or just an overall general wood carving set?
I have been searching everything and can’t find anything (maybe because i’m in Canada, we tend to have less options online)

What are your cutting with 1/32" end mills?
Amana tool makes everything you’d need. You can find their stuff everywhere. I use Amazon and tools today.
Drillman1(I think) on eBay has a lot of cheap stuff that people seem to like.

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Amana Tool Full Line Dealer Router Bits & More Free Ship Worldwide

I was cutting smaller signs for garden and i wasn’t able to get the details i wanted unless i selected 1/32" in easel.
Are you ordering from or ? there is very little option from .ca it appears, they all seem to be 1/8"

Thank you for the links/help!

Dot com. I’m in the US.
I’m sure tools today would ship them to you.
That said, I wouldn’t invest much in 1/32"…no one wants to break a $30 tool that only cut three tiny corners.
I’d get a bunch of cheap ones from China.