What material should I use?

Have a customer that wants a sign for outside, white background and black lettering. I normally use oak with black or white lettering, the material has never had to have a colour before.
I’m wondering what material to use as it needs to be outside and able to survive the differing weather here in England.
If the only options are marine/external plywood I’m not sure they’d want to pay that much.
Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

How about pvc. Look at steve’s Projects


HDPE is a great material for out door signs, or you can use PVC sheets which is cheaper and available from Home depot in 4x8 sheets

There are several suppliers of HDPE sign material (lots of different brand names)


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You’re saying external plywood is too expensive, which is a bit weird as a 4’x8’ board that’s 3/4" thick shouldn’t be more than $40 or so. What size are you looking at?

I have used corian in the past, carve out the lettering then fill with black tinted epoxy resin, i have done this method on a few house signs in the past, the oldest one being outdoors for over a year & still looks like new, have not used white corian but it should work just fine, i get off cuts from a local kitchen fitter free of charge !!

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It would be a one off piece probably 500mm X 500mm. Marine plywood is £80 ($100) a sheet (8ftx4ft) and I wouldn’t want as much waste as that as I’m unlikely to use it again.
Might have found the answer in accoya, it’s a soft wood that has been treated with err, witch craft and has a guaranteed rot resistance of 50 years.

Good idea. There’s a kitchen fitters near me, might pop in to see if I can grab some freebies.