What’s the best sander For countertops

an do some ppl use sanders on floors to prep or is walk behind grinders better I just started doing epoxy

Is there a question in there?

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I forgot the question mark but which is better or are you gonn troll lol save it for social media

I’m having trouble following what you’re asking as well, I don’t think he’s trying to troll you.

Are you asking about which sander is the best for sanding countertops? The answer is highly objective and are you just going to go out and buy the sander that people suggest? Doesn’t the sandpaper matter just as much as the actual tool its attached to? Also there is no single right answer id be using the tools that get the job done, which might involve multiple sanders and I’m not about to go buy a festool or Mirka for a low paying counter top job…

I guess my answer to the question in the title is:
It depends

Regarding the body of the post: what type of floors, you mention epoxy, so are we epoxying over concrete, because that will change the answer vs over top hardwood.

I guess my answer to the question in the body of the post is:
It depends

I suggest researching the common methods used and watching what those in the trade are doing, and making decisions off of that. You’d be better off than polling a cnc community, just my opinion.

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Thank you an it’s so many brands an the one I’m looking for or seen has a circle surface at the bottom

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Amazon.com : sander has a circle surface at the bottom

Thank you

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