What SAE bit size for the waste board threaded insert holes?

I’m making my own waste board, but bought the M5 threaded inserts from Inventables. What size SAE drill/router bits work well with the M5 inserts? I’m hoping 1/4 inch will work…

don’t hold me to it but think it 29/64" with counter sink try a test on scrape wood first

I ws hoping to use my plunge router instead of hand drill, but that reduces my choices of sizes.

Just a footnote Steve, if you do drill by hand, be sure to use a guide to keep the bit straight. If you don’t have a guide make one by drilling the same size hole in a small block of wood (using a drill press is ideal) and using this block on each hole to help keep the drill right. Also a 5/16 bit works fine, and chances are you might already have that size. Good luck!

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A 5/16" drill should be perfectly fine for making holes for the threaded inserts.

I’m making my own wasteboard as well and my plan is to just use an endmill to carve 8mm holes using the X-Carve itself. If I could make it put the inserts in for me too I would :wink:

My X-Carve should be here any time now today, I’m super excited !!! :smiley:

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At the moment my plan is to cut two blank waste boards, install one without any holes (only the mounting slots and holes) and then another identical one. Then use double sided tape to mount one on top of the other (with a hardboard spacer) and use the X-Carve to cut threaded insert holes in the top one, use it, then decide whether the second one will be the same or use Festool MFT sized 20mm holes. Once I get this figured out who knows, maybe someone relatively local will want the one I don’t pick. BTW, I used the 3D printed jig I designed for cutting the edge slots and it worked perfectly - find it here In short I know I’m being too fussy, but it’s my nature.

I have that sized drill bit, but I don’t have that in a plunge router bit and while I have a jig for a power drill, the router is just soo much nicer to use for stuff like this.

I drilled the holes through my secondary wasteboard with the X-Carve. You could always tell it to make the circular pockets (i.e. holes) the right size for the inserts halfway through the material, then drill the smaller through-holes with a hand drill.

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I wasn’t aware that there was a through hole smaller than the size for the insert. I also don’t understand what the purpose of the 12/75 45 degree countersink is on the back side - can anyone enlighten me?

I believe the countersink is just to make it easier to get the first thread of the insert to bite in. The through hole isn’t smaller, but if you’re using inserts that are significantly wider than the bolt you can always drill a smaller through hole.