What screwed up?

So I was just about to finish carving my own Dust Shoe and UGS-P was just about to:

  • do the second to last boring operation of like 10 in the whole run
  • pull the bit out of the material
  • shut the Spindle off ( M5 manually set by me )
  • move gantry out of the way to G30 for part inspection

What happened though was:

  • bit stopped just above the material top
  • nothing from then on happening

At first I thought I might have hit a Software Stop or Pause button so when I hit Play it immediately started rerunning the code from the beginning and with the bit, at the time, being lower than the stock top it obviously ran it across the whole thing.

Lucky me this side will not be visible so it wasn’t a wasted effort.

So… Any ideas what the cause for something like that would be?

X-Carve V2.0
Surface Pro ( Tablet PC )
Fusion 360
UGS Platform