What setting for stars

I was just trying to figure out what settings should I set to make stars for a American flag.

also I want to do a skim on my mdf but I don’t think I set it right. I have the 1000mx1000m.

for a 37" flag I use a 1/2" wide 90 degree V bit

Set the depth to .25

Custom settings

Feed .25
plunge .25
depth of cut .25

I cut my stars in one pass

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Thank you.

@AndreeKing. Here is a link to my video. You can look at how I put it together and see all the settings. That way you can create your own. Also I have a link in the video description to the project on the inventables project page. It is ready to carve. Hope this helps.

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Thank you for all the help. I realized that every one has their own settings and look that they are trying to achieve in their work. I think one video told me to set the stars at a 50 and they came out nice in the video but I tested out a few settings and found that a 40 gave me that clean shape look. I’m always looking to learn more.

Omg Sir, I’m so slow you have been helping me out a lot. I sent you a email from my company email. FirstClassFlagsCo, thank you for your help, I wanted to know do you think it could be the type of v-bit I’m using. It’s a 90degree but it was bought off of amazon. And I’m your video you mentioned that you had to make some adjustments that I don’t recall seeing. If I click on your project file would all adjustments be set already.

I believe I sent you a picture of my 90degree bit and what my stars look like.

@AndreeKing. The file in the description of the video is ready to carve. It is the exact same one the I use