What settings to use when machining on a 2X4 or 2X8?

Hello. I am trying to figure out how to machine into a standard 2X4 or 2X8 using my X-Carve 500 X 500. I want to practice and experiment on the 2X4 and 2X8s because it is relatively inexpensive and I can see how things work and look before moving to nicer woods. I am looking for advice on what material to select in Easel as well as what speeds and rates would be good to use as to not damage my machine. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated. Below is a link to a standard 2X4 for any information I did not provide. Brand new to X-Carve and am excited to start working with it once it arrives. :slight_smile:


Start off with the recommended settings for mdf and go up from there.

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