What size fuse/breaker should I get?

I just got my xcarve this week so I’m gonna probably assemble this weekend and test. Does anyone have a suggestion for a dedicated breaker size. I figure I will be running the CNC and a computer, probably run a vacuum off a different breaker.

It all depends on which spindle you’re using. If you’re going to use a hand router like the Dewalt 611, you definitely want at least 15A just to account for possible starting currents. If you go with 20A, you could probably put the vacuum on the same breaker as long as you don’t start the router and vacuum at the same exact time.

I don’t think your setup will consume much more than 10A at full usage, may as well get a 15A or 20A breaker since they all fill a single slot in your breaker box.

If you’re talking about hardwiring a new circuit into your house, I’d strongly suggest talking to an electrician who’ll set it up for you and make sure everything’s correct. The ramifications of getting something wrong can be severe.

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