What size wastebaord for xcarve 2.0

Hey guys so I got a bit confused when people posted on my build thread. I got different measurements. I am planning on building my own wastebaord for the Xcarve to save money. Can anyone tell me the exact measurement I need to get the board cut at? Gonna get the lumber store to cut the board for me.

The wasteboard didn’t change, just the addition of the sideboard (and they changed the silk screen I believe).


Based on that drawing, it looks like it is 998 mm by 940mm or, for standard, 39.2913" x 37.0079".

If your lumber store doesn’t do metric, and while I’d usually recommended rounding up, in the case of the 39.2913", I’d round down because otherwise, in that dimension, you’d be interfering with the Y plate mounting to the extrusion. Rounding up on the 37" I don’t think would interfere.

is the 12x the size of the holes? so 12mm?


6.75 mm thru, 12.75 at 45 degrees counter sink on the back side of the board.

The 12x indicates quantity per row and column making a 12x12 grid and 144 holes.

Thank you for the info! Not the greatest at reading plans! Still fetting used to working with mm :stuck_out_tongue: Now to find a properly sized countersink bit.

would a 1/4 inch bit work for all of the holes?

It’s your board. Theoretically you can ditch the 5mm inserts and use 1/4-20 inserts and 1/4-20 bolts for clamping. Those sizes are just what Inventables does as their factory standard. Match your holes to your insert size and you’re good.

Already bought the threaded inserts needed from inventables, Just trying to convert mm into the corresponding bit size. I’ve never had to work with mm before (Canadian) looks like i need a 17/64 drill bit and 1/2" counter sink

How do i figure out the radius of the corners?

The corners of the board? It’s on the drawing as well.

Drawing indicates a 20 mm radius so you’d want to draw it then jigsaw it out or you can probably leave them square. I don’t think there’s a specific reason to round them other than aesthetics. Someone else may be able to chime in otherwise.

If you have an iPhone, Siri is a pro at converting MM into inches. I ask that girl everything lol.

Do I have this correct? I started doing my lines and it must be wrong on the left side I have about 5.7cm until my first line and then on the other side from the last line to the edge of the board is 11.5cm… Is that correct or did I do something wrong?

@PhilJohnson are you online to answer? Would be greatly appreciated!

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The drawing shows 5.75 cm (57.5 mm) from the left edge to the first column. It also shows 57.5 mm (5.75 cm) from the last column to the edge of the board (940 - 882.5).

If you’re 11.5 cm off, you maybe missed a column? Each column should be spaced 7.5 cm (75 mm) apart. ((882.5 - 57.5) / 11).

Same goes for the vertical. 75 mm spacing between each row with 24 mm between the bottom edge and 149 mm from the top edge.

The bottom lenght is 998mm right? from left to right?

940 mm. It’s not a square board.

Ah there is my problem I got the board turned the wrong way. On that diagram it looks like it is saying that from left to right is 998. Thank you! I will have to flip the board around I guess and redo it!

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The numbers outlined in red are your top/bottom dimensions (except the R20).

The numbers outlined in black are your left/right dimensions

These are excerpts from the GrabCAD drawings, he’s just newer to reading drawings.

Yeah what got me is if you look at the 998 it has a horizontal line so i figured it was that measurement. very confusing. 940 has a vertical line.

The lines intersect the plane it’s measuring indicating the dimension. A vertical line would intersect the horizontal (left/right) and a horizontal line would intersect the vertical plane (up/down).0