What size wastebaord for xcarve 2.0

Gah, where the hell was a building plan class in highschool! Thank you for the info! hopefully this time it works out!

How do I figure out this? Is it center from 432.5 and 507.5?

Well the top/bottom would be 299mm for the bottom hole and 699mm for the top.

Its not listed but you have to assume its the center of the board itself (470mm) which is actually the center of 432.5 and 507.5 (432.5+37.5) as well. It should be on the drawing though. Those holes are the holes to secure the board to the extrusion base.

@Zach_Kaplan any help with this drawing? Seems the hold down holes for the extrusion base don’t have an X dimension listed on the drawing only the Y dimension.

What about the 2 holes at 299 and 699 Y position…what is their X dimension? It’s not listed on the drawing but visually appears to be centered on the board at 470mm.

I thought it was 470mm ?

Haha my phone has the same tendencies auto correct cab ruin your life.

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