What speed / What depth? help needed!

Im doing a project for a friend who needs 40 small items, they are approx 8cm x 6cm. Im going to be using a 1/32" fish tail on wickes hardwood plywood 5.5mm. I need the small bit due to cutting small lettering. I’m hopefully going to do it in one pass and then wax over the surface so it stands out.

Using this bit ( from inventables ) I have the 24v spindle. what speed, depth etc. would you cut at max? this could turn into abit of a production job so time is important.

The best way would be to experiment. Check out the feed/speed test procedure at Precise Bits (http://www.precisebits.com/tutorials/calibrating_feeds_n_speeds.htm), and use a piece of the plywood to experiment until you’re happy. I’d start with half the recommended speed and work your way up, since the 24V spindle isn’t all that powerful. You’ll hear when you’re cutting well, but I also started looking for good sized shavings to appear in the dust.

I did this procedure in MDF with two of my 1/8" bits from Inventables, and found out that the 2 flute upcut ball-end mill can run deep but slow, while the 2 straight flute flat end mill can run shallow but fast.