What the hell was all that Fuzz about

So, I had my X-Carve since 2016 and while I had the best intentions, I never quite managed the courage to go for Aluminium until last week when I HAD to make some Drive Sprocket Adapters for a mildly exotic 1:16 RC Tank in order to widen the Track Width where 3D Printed Plastic just wouldn’t cut it due to the high Torque requirements.

The first attempt came lose before I could do the Cleaning Pass and the second attempt had issues with the Center Bore for the Axle coming from the Gearbox but the third one(s) came out beautifully:

The Bore was initially supposed to be done with an ⅛" 1F UpCut I got off Amazon but the deflection from the depth proved too much on the first and second try so in the end I drilled that one out on my Drill Press prior to letting the CNC have a go at doing the rest which was done using an Onsrud 52-080 ¼" 2F UpCut.

No Endmills were harmed in the making of this using my highly upgraded X-Carve :grin:


Yep, you can cut aluminum. You just have to take small cuts and lubricate the mill with something like Tap Magic.

Probably also be even happier using O-flute cutters.

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